BFS Fuchsia Hardy Show List - Updated 11.08.08.

Hardy Fuchsia Garden News

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This Hardy list replaces all, previous lists and is for show purposes only.
It does not necessarily mean that the fuchsias listed will survive, when left in the ground, through every winter, in every corner of the United Kingdom.
Note: Any cultivar suggested for the Hardy List must have survived at least five consecutive winters and begun to flower in July or early August

A M Larwick Abbe Farges Achievement
Admiration Alice Hoffman Annabel
Army Nurse Avalanche - Henderson Baby Blue Eyes
Barbara Bashful Beacon
Beacon Rosa Beranger Blue Bush
Blue Gown Bouquet Brilliant
Brodsworth Brutus C J Howlett
Caledonia Cardinal Farges Carmen
Celia Smedley Charming Chillerton Beauty
China Lantern Cliffs Hardy Connie
Conspicua Constance Corallina
David Diana Wright Display
Doc Dollar Princess Dopey
Dorothy Dr Foster Drame
Dunrobin Bedder E A Babbs Edith
El Cid Eleanor Rawlings Emile Zola
Empress of Prussia Enfant Prodigue Eva Boerg
Falklands Flash Flashlight
Florence Turner Fmagellanica Foxgrove Wood
Garden News General Monk Genii
Glow Gold Brocade Goldsworth Beauty
Graf Witte Grayrigg Grumpy
H A Brown Happy Hawkshead
Heidi Ann Herald Herbe de Jacques
Howlett?s Hardy Jack Wilson Joan Cooper
Justin?s Pride Lady Ambersley Lady Boothby
Lady Thumb Lena Liebriez
Lilac Dainty Logans Wood Margaret
Margaret Brown Margaret Roe Margery Blake
Mauve Wisp Mephisto Mme Cornelissen
Monsieur Thibaut Mr A Huggett Mr Rundle
Mrs Popple Mrs W P Wood Neue Welt
Nicola Jane Papoose Pee Wee Rose
Phyllis Phyme Pixie
Plenty President President Elliot
Prosperity Purple Cornelissen Purple Splendour
Reading Show Rhombifolia Riccartonii
Robin Hood Rose of Castille Rose of Castille Impro
Rufus Ruth Santa Claus
Santa Cruz Scarcity Scbneewittchen
Scbneewittcher Sealand Prince Silverdale
Sleepy Sneezy Snowcap
Son of Thumb Susan Travis Tennessee Waltz
The Tarns Thornley's Hardy Timothy Hammett
Tom Thumb Tom West Trase
Tresco Trudy Voltaire
W P Wood White Pixie Whiteknights Amethyst
Whiteknights Blush Whiteknights Glister Whiteknights Pearl

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