BFS Fuchsia Triphylla Show List - updated 11.08.08.

Firecracker, a sport from Thalia. Beautiful variegated foliage

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With all of the recent problems experienced with the judging of the Triphylla classes at BFS Shows. The BFS Show Sub Committee asked permission at the AGM held in March at Feering to introduce a Show Bench List of Triphyllas. This request was granted at the AGM and plants entered in Triphylla Classes in BFS Shows for 2005 must be on this list of Show Bench Triphyllas. Any plants not on this list can be entered in the singles or Unusual Cultivar Classes. Copies of the list were available at the AGM and can be obtained from the B.F.S and will be in the Annual, it will also be available from the website as are the Hardy and Species lists. PLEASE NOTE - this list is for the Show Bench only and is not a botanical listing.

Len Bielby Adinda Andenken an Heinrich Henkel
Bessie Kimberley Billy Green Bornemann's Beste
Brian C. Morrison Brian Kimberley Brighton Belle
Chantry Park Coralle Edwin J. Goulding
Elfriede Ott Fabian Franck Firecracker
Fred Swales Fuchsiarama 91 Gartenmeister Bonstedt
Georg Bornemann Golden Arrow Gottingen
Grand Duchess Greta Heinrich Heinkel
Insulinde Jackqueline John Maynard Scales
Koralle Koralle Sport Lee Anthony
Leverhulme Leverkusen Lilo Vogt
Mandi Mandy Oxtoby Mantilla
Mary Mike Oxtoby Monica Dare
Obergartner Koch Orient Express Our Ted
Peter Crooks Pipers Vale Professor Henkel
Rodger de Cooker Roos Breytenbach Schonbrunner Schuljubiaum
Sophie Clare Sparky Stella Ann
Thalia Timlin Brened Timothy Titus
Traudchen Bonstedt Trumpeter Tubular Bells

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