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Bonsai Garden
Black trellis surrounds the bonsai garden, on the ground a membrane covered in 10 ml gravel. A selection of stone and wooden stands are used to display the bonsai.
Positioned on top of the trellis, above the fuchsia bonsai, is green shade netting, this is to protect them against direct hot summer sun.

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Bonsai Trees
A selection of my Bonsai including Acers, Pines, Fuchsias and more.

All of the Fuchsia bonsai were grown from cuttings, some of which were grown as hardy bush fuchsias in the garden for the first few years of their lives.

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Fuchsia Garden
An easy garden to maintain, full of narcissi for Spring colour, followed by fuchsias from May to September. Sometimes when Autumn and early winter temperatures are not too cold we have had fuchsias flowering during November.

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Fuchsias Trailing and Lax Growth
Beautiful hanging pots/baskets can be achieved with these trailing types of fuchsias.

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Fuchsias Upright Growth
These types, in my opinion, are the most versatile. Grown individually in pots or several plants in a large container giving a wonderful splash of colour. Ideal for summer bedding and of course the most well known are the hardy varieities which are used to make a permanent border or bed.

Images marked as Hardy are on the official BFS Hardy List, see under Fuchsia Tutorials. There are of course many more of the official non-hardies that will survive the winter months in cooler climates, this is generally determind by the night temperatures during that same time. 85% of these fuchsias are Hardy in my garden in the SE of UK - Zone 8.

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Perennial Garden
Rear garden is full of perennials. I love them, once planted, they flower all summer, die down during winter and up they come again the following Spring.

I then dig into the soil a good compost, the one I use at the moment is a mature mix of mushroom compost, horse manure and bonemeal, this gives the plants a good start each year and also helps to keep the moisture in during the summer months. We have naturally sandy soil, which drains freely but is inclined to dry out quickly.

These images are sections of the perennial borders with names of plants in flower. Mores detailed descriptions are in the Perennial Plants Gallery.

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Perennial Plants
They really do give good value for money, a good feed in Spring and away they grow again.

I am inclined to plant them too close together, but my motto is - The more perennials planted into the garden, the less room there is for weeds to grow.

Images are so named:-
Botanical name - Common Name

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Houseplants are commonly grown for decorative purposes and health reasons such as indoor air purification. Plants used in this fashion are most commonly, though not always, tropical or semi-tropical

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