Making your Bonsai Garden more Inviting

Making your Bonsai Garden more inviting.

Creating a bonsai garden from your homes outdoor living area is certainly one of the most harmonious and relaxing things that you can do for your living space. Bonsia gardens incorporate all the factors that make and area naturally stress relieving and also adhere to the philosophies of feng shui. Using the earths elements to decorate this area is the preferred method of improvement to this area. These beautiful gardens heighten the senses and provide a relaxing and enlightening area for homeowners to enjoy. These positive effects of bonsai gardens can be multiplied by using one of these methods to improve the function and form of the area. Outdoor water fountains, Japanese rock gardens and bamboo dividers and proper outdoor patio furniture are all great ways to improve the enjoyment that you can get out of your bonsai garden area while using the philosophies of feng shui to really increase the positive of effects of the garden.

Water is a main element used in the feng shui tradition. It is also vital to maintaining healthy plants and can be used to create relaxing sounds of white noise and to decorate any outdoor area in a functional way. Garden fountains come in many styles and many are designed with a Japanese style such as the bamboo etched water fountain. These can be used to accentuate the relaxing elements that are inherent in any Japanese style bonsai garden. According to feng shui, placing these fountains in the southwest corner will increase the success of the household. Additionally open garden fountains can be used to soak smaller bonsai’s and ensure that they are properly watered. The many styles of fountains you can choose from are

  • Wall fountains: many of which are designed for outdoor applications.
  • Outdoor garden fountains: that can also be used as birdbaths, many of which are tiered for increased sounds of water.
  • Water feature fountains: that replicate natural water falls.

Japanese rock gardens can be placed in any small corner or can be the center piece of a bonsai garden. These areas are normally recessed into the ground slightly and covered with fine sand. Rather then focusing on the arrangement of flora, minerals and rock formations are placed in specific space to accentuate their natural beauty. The idea inspiring these gardens is that properly aligning the elements in this sort of application will effectively harmonize and properly align more personal elements of your life. To find quality rock formations you can check at hardware stores, landscaping resources or simply go off and find some lighter rock formations that you feel express characteristics that you would like to use to enhance this area. The rocks should be thoughtfully placed and the sand should be raked in a practice of mindfulness to fully shape the effect that you are going to achieve with this relaxing and fulfilling option. You may also consider utilizing a fountain in this space as there is a definite synergy.

You may also consider using bamboo dividers to separate certain areas of your bonsai garden. These can be used to create partially shaded areas that will suit certain types of plants best. Bamboo is relatively inexpensive and when grown spreads very quickly tending to take over larger areas then intended. Buying regular cut bamboo and setting it up to create small walls will give you garden a very natural look and will allow you to create a functional design for you relaxing outdoor bonsai garden.
Using all of these together will create a synergy between the different areas of your gardens and incorporate all the elements into your garden, bamboo and bonsai for plants, rock gardens for the mineral and earth, and fountains incorporate water.

The furniture used in a bonsai garden can make or break your landscape. It is crucial, from a design standpoint, to choose outdoor furniture that looks great but is also well-suited to an outdoor environment. You also want your garden furniture to make a statement about you, and represent you in the best possible light. To that end, the material you choose for your patio furniture in your bonsai garden can be crucial.

First of all, it is prudent to avoid any outdoor furniture that is made from PVC. Not only is this material relatively flimsy and dull, but it also has a significant and undesirable environmental impact. PVC, unlike many other plastics derived from a petroleum base, is not biodegradable. This means that it does not decompose the way organic materials do; it takes millennia for PVC to reduce down to its smallest unit, a “nurdle.” Nurdles are simply smaller grains of PVC; there is no real atomic breakdown of PVC. It is also commonly acknowledged that PVC is difficult to recycle, as many PVC products contain traces of lead and cadmium; recent studies have suggested that only 1% (approximately) of all PVC products are actually recycled every year.

If plastic garden furniture appeals to you, avoid PVC and choose high-density polyethylene (PE) products instead. These products are much safer as they are additive-free, and they are highly recyclable so they aren’t nearly as detrimental to the environment. Most modern resin patio furniture is comprised of PE or some similar PVC alternative, so you can recycle it when you don’t need it anymore. Resin wicker patio furniture is a durable, sustainable, and smart choice for any garden.

Another great material is reclaimed teak. Teak wood is an uncommon resource, native almost exclusively to the forests of Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, teak forests are cut down at a rapid rate for their wood. That is why reclaimed teak is such a smart and eco-conscious choice. Reclaimed teak is a beautiful and rich furniture material that does not needlessly waste any teak resources. Reclaimed teak furniture is fashioned from the “leftovers” of the teak logging process: when teak is cut down, a lot of wood material is left behind. Companies that manufacture outdoor furniture from reclaimed teak pick up these leavings and combine them into a solid, long-lasting, and gorgeous piece of garden furniture. For sheer elegance, sturdiness, and environmental awareness, few garden furniture materials are better than reclaimed teak. With teak patio furniture in your bonsai garden, your guests will feel welcomed and will appreciate your sophisticated semi-formal sensibilities.

One of the most popular bonsai garden furniture materials is wicker. Outdoor wicker furniture is a much more affordable option than reclaimed teak, and it is a highly durable and sturdy material. It is often quite weather resistant and requires only minimal maintenance. Wicker outdoor furniture is lightweight and often quite comfortable. If you want your bonsai garden to be inviting, comfortable, and casual, outdoor wicker furniture may be perfect for you.

It should be noted that most modern wicker furniture is not actually wicker at all: it’s a meticulously crafted resin material that is lightweight, fairly affordable, and extremely weather resistant. So not only will your plastic polymer patio furniture outlast genuine outdoor wicker furniture, but it will cost you less and won’t give you an aching back every time you decide to change its location. If looks are a concern, worry not: modern design and production methods have enabled outdoor furniture craftsmen to produce resin furniture that looks almost as good as real wicker patio furniture. Each resin wicker chair or sofa is designed to mimic wicker as closely as possible, and more often than not, this patio furniture is practically indistinguishable from the real McCoy.

It is in your best interests to weigh all your options before you finally select your bonsai garden furniture: reclaimed teak, metal, and wicker furniture all have unique strengths and weaknesses (both aesthetic and functional) that you must consider before buying. No matter which type of outdoor furniture you choose in the end, you will surely take consolation in knowing that your furniture is an investment in your home’s overall value: by adding beauty, comfort, and a sense of fun to your outdoor space, wicker patio furniture or reclaimed teak furniture will make your house feel like a home. Your guests will surely appreciate the air of hospitality your outdoor furniture brings. With the right bonsai garden furniture, your backyard will make a major statement about you and your values.

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